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One Hour of WorldWide National Socialist Music

Published on 20 Apr 2021 / In Music

⁣I got the idea for this compilation from Teura's "Half Hour of European National Socialist Music" video, unfortunately he deleted it and it's no longer available, but I did my best and tried to find all the songs from different countries that could be considered "NatSoc" (Including some adaptations of German songs and/or used by SS volunteers)
PS: This video was going to be published on January 30th, for the 88th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's rise to the Chancellery, but I had some setbacks and until now I was able to publish it, anyway, I hope you enjoy it
0:00 Das Kampflied der Nationalsozialisten (The National Socialist Combat Song) [Germany]
1:39 Avatar [United States]
4:55 Con la Bandera en Alto (With the Banner on High) [Venezuela]
7:56 George Lincoln Rockwell [United States]
14:13 La Canción de los Tanques (The Tanks Song) [Venezuela]
17:16 Nuestro Rommel (Our Rommel) [Venezuela]
19:21 Vamos en las Negras Hordas de Geyer (We're Entering in the Black Hordes of Geyer) [Venezuela]
21:18 国家社会主義日本労働者党歌 (Anthem of the National Socialist Japanese Worker's Party) [Japan]
24:30 ¡Chilenos, a la Acción! (Chileans, to Action!) [Chile]
27:05 η SS βαδίζει εντός εχθρικού εδάφους (SS Marches in Enemy Territory) [Greece]
29:16 De Zwarte Soldaten (The Black Soldiers) [Netherlands]
30:26 W.A. Marcheert (W.A. Marches) [Netherlands]
31:29 Oostlandlied (Eastern Lands Song) [Netherlands]
34:40 Au Revoir, Petite Monica (Goodbye, Little Monica) [France]
35:36 Norge, Vårt Land! (Norway, Our Country!) [Norway]
37:27 Budstikka Gikk (The Message Was) [Norway]
39:12 Legionaersangen (The Legionnaires Sang) [Denmark]
40:22 Le Chant du Diable (The Devil's Song) [France]
42:36 Itinaas ang Watawat (The Flag on High) [Philippines]
43:27 Erika [South Africa]
45:37 Friheten Leve (Hail Freedom!) [Sweden]
49:11 Folk, i Gevär! (People, to Arms!) [Sweden]
51:14 Eesti Leegioni Laul (Estonian Legion Song) [Estonia]
54:19 Kurzemes Leģionārs (Kurzeme Legionnaires) [Latvia]
57:18 Песня Казаков Вермахта (The Wehrmacht Cossacks Song) [Russia]
59:45 White Amerika [United States]
1:03:58 El Mañana Nos Pertenece (Tomorrow Belongs to Us) [Mexico]
1:07:16 Rudolf Hess [Canada]
1:09:27 Leon Degrelle [Spain]
1:12:20 Angel of the Morning [United States]

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Nemesis 1 year ago

Thank you for your efforts . Some great songs . :-)

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