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Only Marine Le Pen, can save soul of France

Published on 22 May 2021 / In News & Politics

Only Marine Le Pen, can save soul of France
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cracker 6 days ago

I wish she was based but then again the Jews would have made sure she never got this far. I'm sure she has her Jewish sponsors and handlers like every other dirty shabbos goy politician. How did that orange fucker I supported during his election work out? He dog whistled around the clock then he fucked America in the ass like America has never been fucked before under ZOG and gave to the Jews like no other president has given to the Jews in the history of kikery.

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Pyrotek40 3 months ago

Damn black veiled penguins running around the streets need to be relocated in Antarctica

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Hanssen 4 months ago

"only" the jew would never allow a true leader to ever voice their opinion to the public, its all controlled opposition to keep the patriots in line.

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mics972 4 months ago

France is a tinder box of racial divide already and the people there have had enough

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