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Oprah Winfrey - "..if the abuser is ANY GOOD the child won't know it happened"

Published on 31 Dec 2021 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

DailyLifeMedia - BITCHUTE
Same bitch who said "White men just need to die" as the billionaire lives like Royalty in the civillisation White men built.

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PAH4RMP 2 months ago

What she meant was the "old white men system" has to die. That's why there is a force trying to replace that with global communism led by a black female.

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happyapple4 3 months ago

Harpo is a child abuser. It's a man.

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LoriHalderson 5 months ago

Does Oprah really need six hundred sets of dishes...what, it wasn't that many...okay...

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S0MEBL0KE 5 months ago

Oprah was born a male and named Harpo. That is one of the worlds biggest deceivers. That's a big fat ugly man with fake hangers.

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jimmyhugo 6 months ago

wow. How this isnt all over the internet shows the bad guys are in control. Even when i was little i asked why white women watch this beast

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