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Order Followers (110% TRUTH Presented In This Presentation)

Published on 04 Oct 2021 / In People & Blogs

This pretty much says it all. They WILLFULLY do what they do.

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cuckedbaseman 17 days ago

One problem is that like with some of the anti gun laws they tried to pass in Richmond VA a few years ago a local sheriff went before a board and Sid he wouldn’t carry them out. All the regime has to do is fire him and put someone in who will do it. It’s designed to retain the scum of the earth. Any police with principles or sense of duty usually quit due to the corruption.

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AppalachianAmerican 19 days ago

Hold it a minute:
I'm supposed to take this guy seriously after he cites Godwin's law five times within 8 minutes & 45 seconds instead of citing any number of thousands of unambiguous examples?

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"The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding"
If you don't like what you're finding know where the door is fella. Don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out...and so you know....I won't miss you.

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AppalachianAmerican 18 days ago

@TheRebelliousMeatPuppet: Sir, I don't disagree entirely with this worldview, but in this day and age of intense gatekeeping, don't you find it strange that a mature educated Yale alumni would overly reference the false Hitler/Nazi Germany/Final Solution aspect ?
(Similar to watching Alan Dershowitz's message on the Tucker Carlson show.)

I see a very near future when many White cops with integrity will quit or retire and they will be replaced with niggers, Hispanics, Muslims, and Asians in abundance. (the same with hospital workers and nursing staff, Judges, Court Clerks, Social Workers, etc.)

My outlook is that we need to unite, not to divide.
My intention was not to bash your channel and I apologize for any perceived misunderstanding.

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AppalachianAmerican 15 days ago

@ClintEastwoodendoors: I feel you missed my point entirely, as if getting it 180 degrees out of phase. My comment had nothing to do pertaining to your response. Again, almost the exact opposite.

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Bond0077 19 days ago

If the predictions play out, we're going to be left with Russia, Israel & China. So in 2025 at latest, I'm fully expecting a full land invasion of Europe, especially Britain. That's what survivors have to look forward to.

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Freedom 19 days ago

Very good presentation. This should be taught in schools. If people were taught this from birth, they would look a lot more like the original pilgrims who came to this country.

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Theodisk 19 days ago

What a nonsense! When your leader gives you good or bad orders, YOU make the decision whether to follow the order or not. Of course there are people who blindly follow every order, be it out of fear or stupidity...yet I cannot per se simply define every order and everyone who follows orders as something/someone bad.
This is a very childish attitude to life and it is exactly what today's humanity is suffering from.
If I am willing to recognize that someone else has a better grip on the situation than I do,
it is not a sign of weakness to follow their orders.
A moral man is able to jump over his shadow and follow the orders of a more competent man
for the good of his fellow man. The egomania of modern mankind completely prevents such thinking
and makes them act only for their own good.
That is why they follow the wrong orders...because they do it for money and therefore for egoistic reasons.

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"You can lead a man to knowledge but you cannot make him THINK"

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Theodisk 18 days ago

I have a question for you: Do you like symphonies played by big orchestras?
Imagine how these orchestras would play if nobody paid attention to the conductor's "orders".
If everyone just played away, it would be a total mess.
You can only play beautiful symphonies if everyone pulls together, and that's how a society can achieve something.
If everyone just follows their own agenda and no one is willing to act for others,
we have what we have now...a collection of egomaniacs and sociopaths= a multicultural "society".
In such a society there is only stagnation or degeneration...further development/progress
only works if many people work towards one goal and that only works if someone takes the lead.

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@Theodisk: With the exception of having to go 'full animal', (if one has to) in order to protect/defend oneself/family against harm or attack (at that point, all bets are off and survival comes from the one who brings the most violence of action the fastest and when defending oneself against harm or attack, one does what one has to do to survive). Nobody will ever convince me differently on this subject. Other than survival in a context such as I just stated, there is never a time where it is ok for a human being to set down or check their morals, ethics and/or first the door (so to speak) in lieu of someone else's "orders". I've thought about this specific subject matter over the years probably more than any 100 people combined that most people know. You can think what you want but if a human action that inflicts harm upon another human being is being done while that human being is "just following orders" and checked their morals, ethics and first principles at the door (if they ever actually had any to begin with) then they should be made 100% culpable and liable for their actions, under virtually ALL circumstances. (again, survival being the exception as ya gotta do what ya gotta do to defend yourself against attack or succumb to the attack and die).

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WeareAryan 11 days ago

@TheRebelliousMeatPuppet: it's part of being Aryan, you have half yourself in the material world and half in the spiritual world. If your too far in either and your not taking responsibility or being honorable. You must empower yourself and and add to the tiny small chain in the eternity of your race. Nations are created via the people that make them upz which is why all the parachute leeches running to white countries to ESCAPE THEIR OWN PEOPLE and paracitise from ours will only destroy us and recreate what they are running from. We can't comoalin that the Jew is destroying us with hai evil when we have become dishonorable, handing over our WILL to something less than ourselves. Life is struggle but we were given both part material and spiritual to evolve to something MORE than we are now. There is too much living in the spiritual and we now are paying dearly, we look at life as terrifying and scary because we have removed ourselves from the Struggle. We must regain the authority and responsiblitiy of ourselves. Too much time has been spent with the smell of insense and we are frightened of our own shadows. Struggle is what all life does and the strong not only survive but are better evolving with the smell of gunpowder and not insense. Rise to the occasion, be strong, ensure for something beautiful. Rise white man for you are the most honourable creature gifted to surpase the Kali Yuga. Rise in your strength and in spite of it all show us your beauty.

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SophiePendragon2 10 days ago

@Theodisk: the orchestra example is a weird example, as they play for the audience for enjoyment. If the conductor told the orchestra that their music will cause harm to the audience, that would be different wouldn't it.

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Theodisk 9 days ago

This makes absolutely no sense to me...sorry.

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