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Origins and Solutions to Judicial Corruptions

Published on 19 Nov 2021 / In Slavery

⁣This is Monika Greer AKA Rexton Lotus Justice. She is currently in

jail for shooting two cops who were part of a team invading her home
without a warrant. She got shot too. Trial will be in fall 2021. Many
videos from her deleted jewtube channel are on this channel. Most are
marked with a lotus flower. I wish her voice was still with us now.

She's a "civic nationalist," which is an untenable position in my
opinion, however this is one of the clearest descriptions of our
situation and it teaches the exact remedy in law. I don't expect to
find a better offering on how to restore our common law courts. Watch
it more than once.


General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code


Originally Published Jul 12, 2016

lotus: justice for Maddly Arts

I was compelled to give people a little bit of what I know to be
truth in light of the corruptions and moral vacancies of today
concerning the coup d'état of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and its
parent STATES OF 'X'. I am hopeful that people will take this personal
wisdom that I have come by and use the Law to work within it to better
the plight of All.

Anyone would like a copy of the Writ of Conspiracy proving the
passage of the original 13th TONA Amendment and/or the Virginia
legislature publications that I have placed upon the bar and public
record in Ohio and DC and have sent to various agents of states, local,
state, federal, international and tribal governments, just send me an
email at and I will send you a Dropbox invite as time permits.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 9 days ago

Jewess bitch doesn't know what communism is or what. Oy vey goy its like nazi Germany this is full on fascism

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TheWorldBelongsToUs 8 days ago

All the law researchers seem to be following the mainstream "evil nazi" theme, basically that they were Rothchild funded. This one is also a lesbian and a civic nationalist. I have been posting others who follow suit. I haven't had a chance to talk to any of them about it in depth. But, there is much more to this woman than you know... Her information is valid and sadly not common knowledge. Modern Europeans in particular bow to man's law. Americans who comprehend the Law know that it comes from our creator and is in our hearts. Listen to HET OERA LINDA BOEK ~ A COMPLETE READING.

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TheWorldBelongsToUs 8 days ago

She has Scottish roots.

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Wicked01 14 days ago

Two words apply the ; Nuremburg Code.

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