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Our Ancestors in Action - Men of Harlech

Published on 25 Aug 2022 / In History


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Spectralwulf 4 months ago

I wonder where our race's future Rorke's Drift will be? Where we hold our last holdout against a massive, hateful mob of beastmen willing to die like flies trying to take our lives. The way things are going, there must be a real world "Helm's Deep" or Alamo where we will one day make a stand and give the glory to our God when we win. The Texans at the Alamo all died but they still won a Spartan victory that won the war.

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Schutzstaffel 4 months ago

Love this clip. :)

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GottMitUns 4 months ago

It happened before and it will happen again!!

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Soldiergoy 4 months ago

Much better seeing brits smoke them instead of the germans

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