overdue vent! muzzle wearers vs muzzled dog,spot the difference?

Published on 28 Mar 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

overdue vent! muzzle wearers vs muzzled dog,spot the difference?

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Enraged 4 months ago

Glad to have found you again mate ;-)

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the7thsea 6 months ago (edited)

You talk about the Jews and that's it you're screwed ,You're a smart man ,Respect to you and a sub too .

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SanctusDivine 7 months ago

If the government told people that licking a raccoon's arsehole was the cure to Covid, they would do it.

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HereAmI 7 months ago

The jews at the four Inns of Court are running this show via their attack dog, the coronavirus, which is named for its origin in the Crown, which is where the power in the world resides. Government flunkies like Johnson and Hancock simply do what they are told to do; if they refuse, then there is an immediate run on the pound, or the dollar, or whichever currency is getting out of line.
The only real way out is to do what Hitler did, with mass arrests of ALL JEWS, wherever they are found.

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hocuspocusfocus 7 months ago

i feel your frustration mate ,the fluoride stare above the muzzle i just fooking laugh at them- the only pandemic is stupidity, laziness and a sense of righteousness. i can't talk to family and friends anymore even when i show them this from the gov website.

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shady 7 months ago (edited)

snap, i am in the same boat..i have learnt now to just bite my bottom lip and wait for the moment that penny drops and they all realise they have been fooled and lied too. oh and as for the status of cov19,i was handing this out to shops and even told a copper about it. did it do anygood,nope! it is definitely them and us my friend.

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