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Pack of Goatfuckers attack a Cucked Policeman (With annoying female backround commentary as ususal)

Published on 23 Nov 2021 / In Uncategorized

Pack of filthy muzzie invaders try to beat up a pussy police officer.

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nonmasonicteacher 8 months ago

I'd be interested to know the back story. The invader males at the very start of the vid seemed arrogant and the cops were looking like they had to search the van. I'm guessing they were fcking too much with the pig and he had to use force, but in this case, if i'm right, he had the right to shoot them. Probably would've had backlash from his mason lodge if he did. Not sure what to think here. No, i don't want them in my country but it doesn't mean im gonna bully them if my government let 'em in. I'm gonna go straight for the government instead,

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RossdeB 10 months ago

Typical gypsy behaviour. Please acquaint yourselves with videos of their behaviour; threatening to through their babies at anyone who confronts their behavioural "abnormalities".

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White_Devil 10 months ago

Stupid antiWhite logic is that so long as you throw a kid in front of whatever crime you're committing, your crime is immediately sanctioned and any resistance is now immoral. Invasion? Cry about kids. Murder? Call your dindu's "children." White kids die over this? Oh, well that's fine then.

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ytrebiLeurT 10 months ago (edited)

Always this annoying whining, why doesn't she go away with the children and let the men kill the "policemen"? What did they actually do wrong?

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Arier53 10 months ago

I consider this crap video as fake. What has happened first, why the pigs showed up and what the fuck for this hassle? A lot of unanswered questions, I know. But necessary for the viewers' opinion.

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BrantfordNews 8 months ago

If it is fake then the choreography was genius. They danced all over the place. Is that cop a FTM tranny?Probably a Freemason. Lol.

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