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Paint it Black - @Vietnam War Video

Published on 02 May 2018 / In Music

Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones, accompanied by footage of the Vietnam War
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NoFearTooNear 2 years ago

when we got off the TWA plane in cam rahn bay the heat and smell were unbearable. The 173d airborne needed a replacement so I volunteered even when old timers advised some of us to never volunteer for anything. Processing into the 4th batt on fire base LZ English before being sent to company D I went to watch wood stock outside at night while smoking and sharing a bong son bomber while watching woodstock and hearing a B-52 strike going off someehere in the night distance. getting stoned and the noisey bomb strike mixed with music in the craziest enviroment in the world was a real trip. When I got back to the so called world there was fake bullshit than before I left I volunteered to go back to the shithole I left from.

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orgorg 2 years ago

I once saw two B 52s drop their payloads on the horizon. It was spectacular.

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(SeekLoad) Liviu Rafael Nichiforiuc

I love this song since I was a kid and still love it today and yes it is a very sad song, but true for so many in war and in peace too.

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