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Parents Confronted Outside of the Children’s Drag Show in Dallas, TX.

Published on 17 Jul 2022 / In Kids

Fucked in the head parents

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Southern Rebel
Southern Rebel 3 months ago

Fucking disgusting fags deserve to die just like niggers... Poor children need to be taken away from those freaks and fags..

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Deemax 3 months ago

These parenting failures would gladly give their children to the pedophilic "cause" just so they can virtue signal what wonderful "woke" people they are....

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momento 3 months ago

True. Good analysis of the current mindset. That;s how it will go. Brainwash them that they are doing good.

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DeathToJWO 3 months ago

Even the Qtards can be useful once in a while...

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theliquidatedrabbi 3 months ago

faggots crying 'shame, shame'...what kind of ass-backwards world are we living in?

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Jailer 3 months ago

The shameless yelling shame!

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