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Party in the House

Published on 05 Jan 2022 / In Freemasonry

⁣Hey, everyone :)
I dont normally post in the middle of the week, but figured id get a few things up while i still had the chance.
This is a music/compilation
video i threw together for you all a short while ago, but forgot to get
it up. Anywho, i hope you all enjoy, or find informative.

Take care, ALL the VERY BEST; and
Remember: you ARE loved! <3 :)

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nimblehorse 13 days ago


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Joel 13 days ago

Things are getting pretty fucking INTENSE,.....pretty quickly. Kids are off school for now, until the 17th of January. Before that date, the Government has committed to install ''50 000'' FIFTY THOUSAND,.....Co2 detectors. All of this revealed the same time the Government has ensured it will provide 4-5 masks PER day PER student, along with all the tests these fucking lunatics could want. You BREATH OUT Co2,.......................what will register as being ''poor air quality'' on WHAT recently installed detectors, when the fucking kids start taking off their masks???? GET READY,'s gonna hit like a freight train. AND, fourth boosters APPROVED by Israel. Some company named Shiva, tied in with Pfizer, to have done ALL testing on IT'S OWN PERSONNEL, ALL AGE GROUPS. What company has ''personnel'' in the age groups of 5-11,..or,.....12-18,...............never mind new born to 5 years old.

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