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Pastor Mike Hallimore tells the Jewish Swine Miriam Gargoyles how it is and it does not like it

Published on 24 Aug 2022 / In Bible / Sermons
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00000000 3 months ago

Madagascar !

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Don McLin
Don McLin 3 months ago

Even if he was guilty of everything he was accused of, I'd say Hitler took it easy on them.
Charlemagne let jews play their banking games.
He's not a Saint.
King St. Louise IX burned the Talmud publicly, hanged faggots and expelled jews violently.
He's a Saint.
The choices and consequences are clear.
Remember: Be a Saint.

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Desertdueler 3 months ago

The truth hurts doesn't it, what a ugly grotesque slag she is.....The Jews by their very nature like to push homosexuality 24/7 in other nations they reside in as it is part of their genetic and religious make up as spoken in the Talmud.

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Nemesis2 3 months ago

How the English accent has been utilised to hide that which is not.

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Roy Benthall
Roy Benthall 3 months ago

Perfect spot to end it on. Was the only thing that creature said that I agree with.

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