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Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In Jewish Genocides


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Ralsballs 14 days ago

I’m Dr. Ralsballs. Please stop the shots! And furthermore, let’s please Stop the Jews from breathing our air! If you see one breathing OUR air, step on it’s neck! After all , the Jews are the cause of all our ailments, including the shots, so please, if you can spare it this holiday season, stop the Jews from breathing! Thank you, and God bless, and he will ya know, because Jews are filthy devil spawn tares, fit for the fire 🔥. Fact!

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nonstopwarfare 14 days ago

never forget alan dershowitz kept his underpants on

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nimblehorse 15 days ago


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SeekinYah 15 days ago

I really want to believe Ardis isn't a shill.
Watch the Water was, I thought, something special.
One thing for sure, this is the end for the medical "profession" as we know it.

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Hatbox 15 days ago

My ex got the jab, and I've had the unfortunate experience of being around him temporarily. He seems possessed, almost maniacal. His paranoia is off the charts. Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor by not getting jabbed. Be fab, no jab!

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