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Pedophile tries to "humanize "pedophilia and niggers

Published on 02 Oct 2021 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

This piece of shit wont denounce pedophilia or niggers because he is obviously a fucking jew.And only a jew would do that.if you cant watch the whole video i understand his voice is nails on a chaulkboard.i actually used to listen to this kike till i caught on to him and he scrubbed my comments about gtv because in addition to the kids hes raping in china hes also sucking the cocks of gtv

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SmackUrApocolips 20 days ago

well , it sure comes off as a sleazy slimeball .

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bannedforhatespeech 21 days ago

this guy is complaining that people want to kill him for his pedophilia comments. if I see this guy in real life, I will kill him.

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TinyCow 18 days ago

i dont condone pedphilia and i called this dude out for being a jew months ago but i dont watch his content because its too long; can you send me a time stamp or a paraphrasing on what his stance is? as you've seen on another video, i argued that the truth is in the grey area where jews wont speak; they want the argument to be that sexual preference toward children is ok and that post puberty copulation should be halted and i dont take either side; if this jew rat is taking one of the two controlled sides i wud rather know his stance, though, i dont have the time to sit through 15 or 25 minute videos for a one liner. any help would be much appreciated brother.

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DeathToJWO 21 days ago

Which is why they constantly try infiltrating any movement that stand against them. They think all they have to do is say fuck the jews and then they can just start spewing all the sick degenerate psychopathic shit they want and nobody will notice...

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Bond0077 21 days ago

I'd watch an old man take a shit, than continue to listen this shit eating old ponce

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nonstopwarfare 21 days ago

agreed, one glance at his video history will tell you this cunt is a sex case as wellas a kike

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