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PFIZER TRIPLE VAXXING OF BABIES & CHILDREN - The Jew continues to poison the Well

Published on 18 Dec 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough


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Nemesis1 12 months ago

Jews created the vaccines, whites are administering them. Those needle pushers are also guilty of murder as is the ignorant parents who have their children injected without question. The medical profession personel aught to know exactly what it is they are giving the public. In effect they are complicit and an accessory to murder.

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Nomadcommunist 12 months ago

Some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

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SlowBurnTM 12 months ago

Sick. They're not going to stop. Some people were thinking they were going to stop or back off when a couple of court rulings stymied The Operation. This has been planned out for decades or most probably centuries just waiting for the right delivery system to be invented. Filthy Kikes. Brainwashing white parents to harm their children.

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EditioN59 12 months ago

if this dosent make a guy want to exterminate people

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Bill 12 months ago

Stupid fucktard parents just killed their seed and destroyed their child's eternal soul.

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