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Philosophizing On Awakening "Waking Up" In This World

Published on 12 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

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thelifewedontknow 14 days ago

I can't believe the lack of views you're videos get.
It upsets me to the core.

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AmericanKozak 15 days ago

Reality seems to be a processing plant that seeks to process people with the fates they achieve with their conscious choices. Everyone has a different raw composition and is being refined into pure byproducts that can be used for something else.

People cannot remember past lives if they are real because that would basically allow people to live life with cheat codes because they already know what endings result from what combinations of actions. The rules can then be abused the same way corporations can do anything if they skirt along the edges of the law.

At least those are the epiphanies I've had lately sitting in my bathtub.

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SophiePendragon2 16 days ago

I really appreciate your conviction. Wish more people thought like you.
You just have to look at a honey bee to understand our creator may have a sinister side. A bee's only defence is it's sting, but ironically it dies in the process of defending itself.

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Check 16 days ago

I like how you explain the gap between truth seekers and normies, that shit is insane. Especially because even if you dedicate your whole life to it, because you do not have a piece of paper that shows you are some kind of big dick swinger no one will listen. They will instead think you are trying to one-up them. People are still animals, never left the cave mentally.

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II_TheRook_II 17 days ago

Good job covering the topic. You are one of the people who helped wake me up to these Jews. The pieces Hail Victory loaded with your voice slowed down were probably the biggest eye opener. I took what I have learned and woke several other people up. Like you said in this vid, you have to go at each person a different way once you know where they are on the scale. The go from “You’re a Nazi” to “ok, these Jews?” lol. after some time and the right evidence. I personally like using stuff right out of the Israeli Times or Jerusalem Times to prove how many of these Jews are running our government.

#1. Most people don’t think Biden is running shit, so who is? All the government depts that are headed by Jews or have Jews in second in command are who I show them. Straight out of Jew publications.

#2. Most people already think there is a good chance that there is some above government group that runs the world. Once you get them to see that they run all these depts in government, it’s not too much of a stretch for them to connect the dots.

I had got several people at my work to see. I just left that job last week because of too much leftist propaganda comming down from corporate. Now, I’ll go find another job and start over on people.

I left this last job with even planting the seed in the GM of the facility’s head.

People know something is wrong and they want to know what. All it takes is someone with enough balls to say “Jews” along with knowing how to say it to each person.

People’s mouths dropped open when I showed the how many Jews run our government “and they are supposed to only be 2% of the population.”

Just know that you have an effect. I’m sure you would like a bigger audience, but that’s part of the fight. They won’t let people like you talk because they know the avalanche is easy to start.

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