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Police are investigating the attack of Jewish patrons at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant

Published on 21 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

P⁣olice are investigating the attack of Jewish patrons at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant as a possible hate crime. A group of people yelling in support of Palestine shouted anti-Semitic remarks at diners before beating one of the men:

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Fender 2 months ago

where's the body? sheeit

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Article 2 months ago

Fuck these kikes

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If it was a white guy attacked, it would have been okay because the white man needs to learn that (his) systemic racism and white privilege have been oppressing minorities since the beginning of time..... Therefore NO HATE CRIME TO SEE HERE, least of all a story on the news.... LOL
Rapidity I began to hate them!

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Roston Bolt
Roston Bolt 2 months ago

In the full video you can clearly see that the jews started it. They threw glasswares at the vehicles.

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dustyfemalecat 2 months ago

Jews are alien avatar meat sacs that are remotely controlled from. a spaceship or another planet. Exterminating them will cause more to spawn out of sight and then emerge and kvetch about the holocaust of their previous meat sac avatars.

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TheThinkingTree 2 months ago

Well that is what they claim any ways... They will also tell you the world is flat, hallow and only 6-10k years old.

Problem is, and yes I have heard these very things from (((their))) mouths... The problem is these Jews... They do not live in reality. They made their own up... But who knows.

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