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POLICE-ARE-NOT-GOVERNMENT by Justinian Deception

Melissa Lev
Published on 25 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics
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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 5 months ago

years ago i watched pinac on youtube until i realized,
your camera isn't going to do anything whatsoever,
they are the army of the very court system you'd be trying to take them to. the court isn't going to punish its own army people, and it doesn't.
so pinac helped expose the problem but is NO SOLUTION whatsoever.

they will stop doing shit to us - ONLY and when we start slaughtering them.
if they want to sit in a parked car with all bright markings - they can make themselves an easy target.
shoot them.
fire bomb them.
shoot or puncture all 4 of their tires.

study the technical method the "dc sniper" used, the other cops won't know who the fuck shot the dead cop.
dc sniper had a driver, and a hidden shooter.
shooter was in a trunk covered in carpeting to silence,
and may have used a suppressor also i do not know but i know - you can build a suppressor.
there are already existing orafices on a vehicle, where a cap or such can be removed, and can be replaced.

they do not give us any non-lethal options,
therefore, your only option - is lethality.
i challenge anyone to prove that wrong - show me ANY fucking case anywhere that proves any non-lethal method. i no longer exists, not in america since approximately 1990-on.

Radley Balko report: swat created 1966. number of raids per year were 3,000 1966 to 1988.
then by 2010 number of raids were 80,000 per year.
the entire "drug trade" is "A POLICE OPERATION (tm)."
their "war" on drugs is fake to fool the idiot public,
as well as sometimes their underlings jockeying for turf.
i didn't learn this online, i learned it in person in detroit.

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Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev 5 months ago

All very true. You're right, the higher ups control the drug trade, and human trafficking, not the regular people, they are not fighting any of it because they are part of it. I'm starting to think these evil rulers are hiding somewhere and are not ever in the public, because they are still alive, you'd think someone would have taken a shot at them already.

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CaligulaWasRight81 6 months ago

The few good cops are lackeys for the Jews. They protect the banks. The outlaws of America who robbed those banks had the old school nature of Ivan the Wonderful and Andrew Jackson. Many are so overpaid, and they oh so rarely help the true citizens. They, just like our military, do not protect us or our borders. I'd take Vlad Tepes or Constantine the Great anyday over these cowards.

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HereAmI 6 months ago

The so called Commonwealth nations, and the US, are all subject under commercial law to the Middle Temple of the Inns of Court, which is an administrative branch of the Knights Templar, who were sent to London in 1213 by reason of the bankruptcy of King John, and his ceding of the kingdom to the Pope under the terms of the document known as The Concession of England, a document whose profound implications were recognized by the barons of the land, who then demanded that John sign Magna Carta, which he did, before the Pope annulled the document later in that same year of 1215.
The laws regulating the British Empire, which still includes the US, as independence was never actually granted to that collection of states, or colonies, is the Commercial Law, or statute law, whose weakness is that it may only be applied with the full consent of the governed; whereas the law it replaced, ie the Common Law, merely requires that all obey the injunction to "Do No Harm," and the provision applies to all whether accepted or not, as it is God's law.
Statute Law, ie that deriving from Acts of Parliament, or "legislation" from wheresoever derived, requires that both parties create "joinder" between them; and this may be done either overtly or covertly; for example, if a "police officer" ( ie a corporate, not a public, servant ) demands from you name or address or reason for travel, or anything which you would not voluntarily give to any person who asked, or he demands that you "Stand over there" or "Turn out your pockets", then if you do, you implicitly accept his authority over you, and so you are from that time onwards susceptible to the full force of the commercial law, which sees nothing in terms of right or wrong, but purely in financial terms, so you may be fined or imprisoned or executed according to the whim of the court, which is an administrative court only, and not a court of law.
Its members are all actors, in precisely the same way that all persons working for other government organizations, eg NASA, are also actors, and they collude in defrauding the public of billions of dollars in exchange for a few badly- created art works which they present as being "Pictures of Earth from Space", or "Pictures from a Mars Rover" etc, when in fact they were created either within a computer, or at devon Island in the far north of Canada.

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watching_the_watchers 6 months ago

its a huge racket ..they rely on public ignorance

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underrepresented 2 months ago

And they are very skilled at creating ignorance. Watch some niggers chase each other and throw balls and you are at the top of your crew, because you know the batting averages of the entire basketball team.

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Soldier1 6 months ago


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