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Police Live By The Talmud

Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In Documentaries

When you look at your police authorities you do not identify them as a race do you? No, because they appear as White, black, Mexican, Muslim and Indian. By any color you will see them. When you look at Jews you do not identify them as a race do you? No, because a Jew may appear as red as an Indian or as black as an African or as brown as an Arab or as White as any of us of the White Race. When you see your police do not imprison the worst Jews but will send you to prison without proof of guilt you understand that in order to become Law Enforcement Officers they must sign papers binding them to Jewish doctrine.

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AryanRooster 6 days ago

Jewlice Business.

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chuggnmugg 7 days ago

True and many have actually been trained in Canaan.

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_ghost_ 7 days ago


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Bill 7 days ago (edited)

Then they can die with the talmud

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Soldier1 7 days ago

They do belong to fraternal orders of police (FOP). How do you know they sign papers? Just curious.

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ARYAN VIKING 7 days ago

You forget, I spent 30 years as their prisoner. I know many things about the police they do not want others to know.

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