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Police seek to charge self-defence suspect

Published on 07 Jul 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.

⁣Homicide, North Philadelphia

Police are asking for the public's help after releasing the video of a suspect fatally shooting a man last month.

The shooting occurred inside a store at 2139 West Diamond Street in North Philadelphia on May 22.

In the video, a man armed with a gun in a white hoodie approaches another man in a Phillies jersey and hat.

He can be heard saying, "Don't move. Take your bag off. Put your hands in the air."

After a brief struggle, the man in the Phillies jersey reaches into his bag, pulls out a gun and fires at the other man.Police say the man died from the shooting, and they are now looking for the suspect seen wearing the Phillies jersey.

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Joseph 8 months ago

Suspect? You mean hero? Of course he will be on the other side next time. Maybe he will run into another "hero" too? Seems to be part of a self correcting racial phenomenon?

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iakg 8 months ago

f*ck the stasi. this boy did what had to be done. the stasi are only happy when the victim is murdered.

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Hatbox 9 months ago

It looked like self defense. I wouldn't help the cops even if I knew.

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I agree somewhat with your statement. The problem is after he shot him he ran out of the store and continued shooting. The law looks at that as murder because he was no longer a threat. I don’t agree with that but that’s what the law states. Most likely this man is a convicted felon and it’s not supposed to have that pistol. He has probably robbed many people in his life. If they can find him and his gun that gun might be traceable to other murders.

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Joseph 8 months ago


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