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Posting on Quora

Published on 21 Jun 2021 / In Censorship

Jim relates his experience on Quora

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glr67 18 days ago

How do I join the email list? What email service are you using?

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zakgiffgaff 1 month ago

Everytime I defeat Kikes on Quora they cry like bitches. Quora has been infested with Zionist trolls for years. I'm down to my 4th ban already!

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 1 month ago

people who argue for the holocaust are the same people who argue for the jews- complete fucking idiots that have no idea about either. any person with half a functioning brain can figure out within an hour reading the holocaust "facts" that its a bunch of bullshit. its insulting, quite frankly

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 1 month ago

and your ass is old enough, you should be scheming on which kike building your going to rampage or something besides fiddling around on quora acting like you dont know its a jewish honey pot

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exposethekikes 1 month ago

i used to post on yahoo answers before it was shut down prob by kikes because i kept posting red pilled question about jews, so yahoo answers was shut down because of me bwhaha! i miss yahoo answers and im sure i woke a lot of people up because that site was very popular so you can thank me for that. seriously i would spam the politic section with question about kikes and they would suspend my account and i would make new one with a temp email bwhahaha! until they got tired of it and just shut it down!

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