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Praise GOD for New Beginnings

Published on 09 Dec 2022 / In Uncategorized

Where I've lost one this week, I've gained (4) new calves. GOD is good! All the time!

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chucky8787 2 months ago

glad to hear about your new calves.

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WhiteWinger 2 months ago

Ranching ain't easy, but there are few responsibilities more satisfying or more impactful to others! Stay blessed!

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Hatbox 2 months ago

We had a few head of cattle once. We did experience death, illness, disability, etc., with them. One cow had twins, one being born with a club foot. My ex husband was not exactly farmer of the year. One calf survived, and the one with the club foot drowned in a heavy rainstorm. I had wanted to put them in the barn that night, but he insisted they'd be okay. He may have even shot it, and just lied about how it died. That incident bothers me to this day. Congratulations on your new calves.

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