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Published on 13 May 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda

⁣Most of the conversation around abortion has been centered around women. Kayden X. Coleman, a transgender dad, said that needs to change.

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Schmetterling 5 months ago

This is war. The communists use the Homo Marxist Kult to destabilize countries and we are witnessing them attack traditional cultural values such as family, marriage, sexual norms and children. The glue that hold civilization together. It then infects everything else. Institutions such as education, justice, government, medical and religion. Well at least AH bought us some time. The purpose of that Trans research clinic in 1930s Germany would have sent the world into chaos back then. Now you know why I believe the Hitler Youth Burnt it down and that Dr Wackadodle fled to I believe China. This thing is why.

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bluesinaminor 5 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, the bearded lady!

Sorry sir, but you don't have a dick. You're just a very masculine, ugly looking, woman with a beard. You may still have a working uterus but you chopped your tits off and can no longer breast feed. That poor child of yours will have to suffer through years of being force fed formula. That's a form of child abuse imo. I'm guessing you were artificially inseminated. If not then I can't imagine what horrid, eharmony, creature actually fucked you. That must have been some gross, stinky, sweaty, weird, and simply undesirable sex with loud fat slapping and lots of facial and body hair. 🤢🤮

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Raymo1 5 months ago

Yeah u need an abortion. To be an abortion.

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