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Proud Accomplishments In A Slave Society

Published on 06 Nov 2021 / In Pets & Animals

In this video I describe ways White folks made poor because of the Jews from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 using their police forces to manufacture crimes against us and imprisoning us falsely and robbing us of everything we have, lying to the public daily in their newspapers and on TV, can make something towards living our lives anyway. Although a majority of the world has turned a blind eye towards what these Jewish-controlled police forces do in destroying our nation and ending the White Race they will have to think about these Jews the next time they pay out their manufactured money to have another war against us. I get off a couple songs by Amon Amarth during my walk at night to the river and then come home to show the love I share with the dogs and cats around me.

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Sanguinius 26 days ago

Love amon amarth

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Soldier1 26 days ago

Darryl, you're too funny.

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