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Psychiatric Diagnoses Are Not Based on Science - Peter Gotzsche, MD

Published on 19 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

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SirDigbyChickenCesar 9 months ago

DSM invented in the US by joos. He forgot to mention the part about them all being joos that invented all of those DSM BS diagnosis, and now that they are up to DSM–5 it's still the joos that invent those DSM-5 diagnosis for imaginary "mental illnesses" and reclassifies normal human feelings like shyness or a normal dislike of LOUD, noisy, degenerate places like drunken booze bars, into DSM-5 BS diagnosis like social anxiety disorder or some such BS.

So now, all these masktarded millenials, or whatever they are, believe everything is "mental illness" and they have all diagnosed themselves with PTSD because of muh KILLER SNIFFLES-19, on top of all the the other things they have self diagnosed themselves with for attention and self-pity instead of taking personal responsibility or learning some coping skills or finding something constructive to do. The solution to any situation is a prescription from BIG PHARMA and more restrictions and tyranny from the BIG BROTHER communist gubment that's their surrogate parent and surrogate religion.

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ytrebiLeurT 9 months ago

I would ask him first, "What is your definition of science?"

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