Putin replaced with double

Published on 13 May 2022 / In Hoaxes / False Flags


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questeritorte 5 days ago

We don't know who anyone is. We just take their word for it. Does it really matter?

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dustyfemalecat 6 days ago

Putin is a woman transgendered into a man. They are all tranny puppets. The lack of brow ridge, close together eyes, and any photo of him looking gay as he smiles give it away. Zelensky looks like a small fat woman. Writers like Dean Koontz, F Paul Wilson, Douglas Preston, all women. Even Stephen King looks like he has a granny face with a grotesque enormous chin implant. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc. Where is the head of this snake controlling these tranny puppets, I don't know.

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Messerschmit2 6 days ago

Cia !! Lol
USA lost/ won ww2
The democratic/ republicans
Have become global
Isreali is the new Washington DC
USA is the democratic
Russia the republicans
Each country is like a state in USA
Switzerland is like Beverly Hills
China is what Michigan used to be
It’s all an act
A game for Jews
Nothing is real
Jews won
Wherever you go
Ever nation, congress, state and local municipalities are expected to be in lock step
From Israel down
And they do

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Messerschmit2 6 days ago

Putin is Dugan
Dugan is Putin

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Messerschmit2 6 days ago

I think it’s a different Jew
Or he doesn’t age
This guy , like his boss Kissinger seem to be propelled to the top fast and stay there a long time
Without any human weaknesses - almost like perfect robots
I think they serve a few years or months and get switched out.
It’s a brand name , they sell a conservative concept to the masses while keeping their Jew oligarchs both in line and in contrast!?!?
And no problems ever
Only staged Jew events
It’s almost surreal

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