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Queen Elizabeth II Declares to President Ronald Reagan That All Western Nations are Bankrupt

Messenger Charles
Published on 10 Mar 2021 / In Conspiracies

There is no money, just worthless pieces of paper = DEBT = Promises-to-pay = Debt Notes or FRN's Federal Reserve Notes

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Zenith26 8 months ago

"every civilization is one generation away from tyranny" Ron R.

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Savage99 10 months ago

The discussion seems to be about the order of the present day economic structure. Reagan's remarks about supervisors is spot on as anyone who has an understanding of how bureaucracies work and empire building will be aware.

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 10 months ago

Yes, he moves the conversation on to that for it was more than his life was worth to expand on what The Queen had said, that is, The Kikes and their stranglehold on the world's financial system.

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SaxonWarrior 11 months ago

The United States of America, Limited was incorporated in 2015 in England by Bloomberg!! Look it up it's a service corporation!!

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 11 months ago

Not so, The US Inc. is registered in Puerto Rico. The US Inc. is as old as the gold fringed flag and dates from at least the so-called Civil War. As long as there has been a Washington DC there has been a corporation ruling the States. Otherwise known as The Federal Government.

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