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"Back to Africa"- American returns and STAYS!

Published on 09 Dec 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

Catch a Fire Newsbreak
Film may spur new interest in making movies in South Africa.
repatriation is a good idea.

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franciscopollardo 8 months ago

No tree was able to hold that fat black bitch monkey.

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SaxonWarrior 8 months ago

Salvation of the Wh ite race will never be a multicutural endeavor, ONLY Wh ites(non-race mixed) can take part in this, if you think other "species" are going to help us you are sadly deceiving yourself and not near as awake as you may think, you need to study and research some more until you get ALL the way down to the bottom of the rabbi hole!! Multiculturalism is PURE evil, it is unnatural, an abomination in nature AND in the eyes of our God!! God Almighty warned His chosen people, the Israelites aka the Wh ite race, that we were to have nothing to do with the "world"(other species or so called races)!! Check out the links below and see for yourself, the Wh ite race is indeed the children of Adam and those alive today are of the 12 tribes of Israel, the other Wh ite Adamic families have all been miscegenated out of existence, each time orchestrated by the same people who today are called j e w s!! The "species" known as J e w s used to be called Edomites, Canaanites, Cainites, etc they tricked our Wh ite ancestors into race mixing forever destroying their lineage, all that is left is the 12 tribes of Israel who today are known as Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, etc!!
You have been deceived and lied to about what the bible is actually saying as well as true Christianity!!

The J e ws Admit That They Are NOT The Israelites

The real Israelite people formed the European nations, they are the Wh ite race alive today as most every other family of Adamic peoples aka European people, have been miscegenated out of existence!! Here's proof!!

Heirs To The Covenant

This is a set of podcasts with historical, archaeological, linguistical, biblical, cultural, etc proof that the Israelites without doubt migrated west and formed the European nations, they are called Saxon, Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, etc peoples today. The Israelites are not arabs, jews, or negroids they are the White race!!

The Anti-Christ for Dummies

Bible Basics

Revelation of Yahshua (Jesus) Christ

Christian Identity: What Difference Does it Make?

Here's some more truth!!
There were MANY more WH ITE slaves than negroid sl aves in America, some historians est 300% more at any given time!! The J E W S owned over 95% of the sla ve plantations and they completely ran the sl ave trade!! Negroid leaders in Africa SOLD the sla ves to the J e w s and arabs, they were kidnapped by OTHER negroids!! The J e w s actually brag about the sla ve trade. Later they began blaming Wh ites for what they did and have written several books about this!! Very few Wh ite men actually owned sla ves, in America about 0.38% of all sla ve owners were Wh ite!! There were just as many negroid sla ve OWNERS as Wh ite sl ave owners!! J e w s however owned far more sla ves than either negroids or Wh ites!!

It was WH ITE men who fought against sla very and ended it, NOT negroids, non-property owners could not vote and neither could women not to mention that lawfully and legally negroids were not considered human!!

Books to read:
1) To Hell Or Barbados

2) Wh ite Sla very in the Barbary States by Charles Sumner

3) Wh ite Cargo by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh

4) Proclamation 1625: America's En sla vement of the Irish by Herbert L. Byrd, Jr

5) They Were Wh ite And They Were Sla ves by Michael A. Hoffman II

6) Without Indentures: Index To Wh ite Sl ave Children In Colonial Court Records by Richard Hayes Phillips PhD

Wh ite Cargo

Historic Facts About Sla very And The Sham Called BLM!!

The Privelege They Erased From School's History Books

Dr William Luther Pierce - Dec 20, 1997 thru Dec 21, 1998, Auschwitz Center For Wh ite Sla vetrade In Poland

Hollywood Is A Whorehouse & Israel's Sla vetrade Of Wh ite People!!

Racist Proganda Or Uncomfortable Truth?!

Sla very Of Wh ite Women And Children In Israel!!

Julius Howell - Confederate Soldier Says The South Did Not Go To War Because Of Sla very, Rather States Rights!! Rare audio interview!!

So where's all of the victim status, political privelege, and reparations for the Wh ites they're the ONLY ones who truly deserve it?! There are by far more Wh ites who have family that were sla ves in America than there are negroids. In fact today in Israel J e w s AND J e wish rabbi's are holding a massive number of Wh ite women, and underage Wh ite girls of all ages as slaves from Russia, Ukraine, United States, etc!! Every year 40,000 Wh ite women from the Ukraine ALONE are ensl aved by j e w s!! Research and be free Wh ite people!! 95% of the negroids in America never even had family in this country 200 years ago, in fact most came here since 1965. The only sla very negroids have experienced came from negroids, J e w s, and arabs, back in their own countries, if at all!!

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SaxonWarrior 8 months ago

The Biblical Standing of the Non-Adamic (Non-Wh ite) Races - Podcasts and Commentary

The Scientific View of the Negroid Before the Age of Political Correctness, Part 1

Refutation of 'We Wuz Kangz'

Negroid Crime Matters - A Comprehensive look at Negroid Crime and the Future of Wh ite America
By Emily Youcis 2020

White People Have You Had Enough Yet?! White Genocide Has Been The JEWISH Plan All Along, Multiculturalism Was Never Designed To Work, It Was Designed To Genocide The White Race!!

Wh ite Devil Deception Documentary(Negroids And Ju's Are The True Devils)!!

Negroid Invention Myths

Negroid History Month - All Lies And Nonsense
Where's Wh ite History Month?!

Negroid "Preacher"(Judeo-churchianity Baal synagogue) Telling The Truth!!

Child Slavery - The Myth Of Wh ite Privelege

Nation Of Islam - Feral Negroids Systematically Murdering Wh ites - The Zebra Murders

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SaxonWarrior 8 months ago

Where's our White family channel?!

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TIGER 8 months ago

Africans solved problems without violence??? eh???

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