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"Do Europeans Have No Culture?"

Published on 18 Jun 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi
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SaxonWarrior 5 months ago

The "White supremacist" and "Nazi" comments shows how ignorant this idiot is, it's sad that this is the person who brings this small example of White culture!! I would venture to say that the Adamic race aka the White race is the ONLY race to have any true culture and that the non-White beasts have merely appropriated "their" culture from us, in fact I cannot think of one thing that is unique to them, the only thing that I would attribute as memorable to their "culture" is corruption, murder, theft, rape, parasitism, cannabilism, and violence!!

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WhiteMiasma 4 months ago

Great comment, but don't leave out sodomy.

Some time ago I was talking to a man about America and what it was and that the problems are from people that don't belong here. We both agreed there are problems. He gets upset and says "no no no don't think this country is the greatest" (well duh after the toilets of the earth are being flush into it). He says "things change and you gotta change with it" and "the problems are because people (evilution) haven't adapted to the technology yet (fake news I we getting)". He brings up the UAE (he lived there for some time) and says "In less than one generation they went from riding camels to have this, that and the other thing. I said can you even hear yourself, they had their land for millennia raping camels and here comes Whitey and turn it into a place you wanted to live! He had a meltdown.

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