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"God created the world, but Pedos created the Netherlands"

Published on 09 Jul 2022 / In Politics

TL;DR - ⁣Holland, Britain, The Entire World before 1875... it was all built by Grooming females to be mothers & wives. This remains the case in all the parts of the world not currently genociding their own populations.

Technocrats Farm Children. In the economy, each child has a price tag on their head. Females are presently Groomed by society's Richest folk, to be good drones labouring in service of their industry, rather than labouring for a husband and family.

If Parents are not grooming daughters to service a husband, then Gov will be grooming females into servicing society's Richest folk, in whatever way they dictate.

- Preface -

Fun fact: Plantation Slavery, is Literally the Most profitable business model known to man. Gov never abolished it, they abolished Competition to Monopolisation of The Plantation Slavery Business by Gov, and a carefully curated selection of their closest corporate cronies.

Fun fact II: Control of reproduction, forms the foundation of every plantation slavery business that ever existed, because without controlling this metric, there are no slaves, there is no money, and there are no businesses.

- Main -

In 1275, after returning from Crusade, England’s King Edward I (Malleus Scotorum Longshanks from Braveheart) immediately set age of consent for marriage at 12 to attack the Jude following their traditional reproduction rituals, undermining the capacity of that community to procreate and sustain itself.

After discovering they were continuing to break the law, Edward issued an Edict of Expulsion to confiscate their wealth and drive them all into the sea.

Those Jeffs swiftly sailed over to Holland where they could breed freely. These super-breeders built a Dutch Super Power while they were at it. It’s highly likely they also financed the English Civil War, because after winning that war, Cromwell immediately issued an edict of return during his first parliament, welcoming Jude back to Britain.

The Breeders of Jude won in every way... look at them today.

Pre-1875, every nation under the sun was built by child-brides groomed to be mothers and wives.

Then UK Rich folk decided it was more profitable for 12yr old females to be groomed into factory labour, rather than groomed into wives and mothers labouring to produce the man-power for Britain’s army/navy/industry, which Gov had used in the preceding 600yrs to take over the globe and subjugate its population.

By 1875 the World was already won. British babies were now surplus to requirements, and producing more, would drive down the mighty-white baby value around the empire. Basic supply and demand economics apply as much to baby farming as they do to any other industry. Ask Ukrainian Baby Farmers.

There is no finer illustration of the Plantation Slavery Business Model being utilised in Britain; Rich folk maximising profit extraction from the White British plantation slaves, while simultaneously treating them like Zoo animals, dictating their breeding behaviour, and removing every liberty deemed to jeopardise profits for Rich folk.

This is Stage 1 on Western Civilisation's journey to the world's most Supremely virtious Human-Farming-Pod dystopia, as depicted by everyone's favourite natural history documentary: The Matrix.

Holland retained a very low age of consent until relatively recently. I discovered that Sweden briefly removed almost all age of consent laws after WWII. Everyone knows about France. Even their PM, Emmanuel Macron, was groomed for greatness by his 39yr old teacher when he was 15. She's now his wife.

Having studied history, I think it's quite easy to see that Gov Dictated Reproduction, will take Earth on a Very Bad trajectory.

Britain just increased their marriage consent age for the third time in 150yrs. After 600yrs of it being set at 12, it's now 18.

Environments with low/no consent age built Every Civilisation on Earth.

It is clear to see why incumbant "Global Leaders" are so eager to hike breeding/marriage ages. Fucking is fun, but mass-genocide is so much more funner.

At the current rate of "Progress", by the year 2472 Britain should have a consent age of 36. This is if things do not speed up in the meantime, we may get there a lot sooner. Where there's a will, there's a way.

The supremely interesting thing about Britain's virtue supremacy, is that Boris Johnson's Conservative Government have used de facto exactly the same justification for increasing the marriage consent age in 2022, as King Edward Longshanks did in 1275, "these bloody foreigners are fucking all the kids!"

Isn't History Great.

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dino 9 months ago

Nice description, even though not entirely accurate. Jews did not really flood into the Netherlands until after they got kicked out of Spain in 1492. My guess is that we did have plenty of jews at that point already, but they were mainly active on the Hanze trading route, which connected northern european cities from central Holland all the way east to Koningsberg. I am from the north of the Netherlands myself and we have abandoned synagogues in the most remote and obscure little towns. My guess is that those are remnants of jewish communities that once traded on the Hanze routes in the late Middle Ages.
Anyway, once the jews started flooding in from the Iberian peninsula in the 16th century, they used the Netherlands to start a proxy war against the Spanish king. Once that war was won around 1600, they turned their attention on England and started a civil war and revolution there, which ended up in the beheading of Charles I in 1649 and Cromwell's satanic regime in the 1650's. However, Cromwell's attempts at legalizing jews failed. But it is true that Cromwell was an agent of Dutch jews.

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Angleburrthumperdink 9 months ago

How did Cromwell's attempts at legalizing jews fail?

One of the very first things Cromwell did upon winning the civil war was issue the edict for Jude's return, and Britain/Holland have shared a "special" relationship ever since.

I will concede maybe I am wrong on the location to which jews fled in 1275. I have not actually looked far enough into that specific bit of the timeline... but I am certain that on the boomerang trajectory back into Britain, they came from Holland.

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dino 9 months ago

@Angleburrthumperdink: Dr E Michael Jones writes about this in his book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. I have the 7th edition and on page 443 he starts a segment on the topic of readmitting jews to England. I just looked it up again and we are both somewhat right in the sense that parliament ultimately rejected the efforts to lift the ban on jews, but through jurisprudence jews were still allowed to back in based on the fact that some jew named Robles was acknowledged as a jew in a courtcase and allowed to proceed. That story is on page 448. But according to the written law, the ban on jews from 1290 actually still is live.

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Angleburrthumperdink 9 months ago

@dino: I actually have that book somewhere, I'll have to dig it out.

The idea that England's 1290 edict of expulsion is technically still in effect, and was only circumvented due to a legal technicality, is quite funny. I had assumed the return was an official, gates-opened, red-carpet-rolled-out kind of thing.

I am going to investigate that further. Thanks for highlighting it.

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