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"I don't need this shit" as he causes all the said "shit"

Published on 29 Apr 2022 / In Uncategorized

...⁣Only the most devout corona worshippers wear masks with vents.

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oddwarlock 2 months ago

I would have kicked the shit out of that stupid old fuckhead.

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exposethejeugenda 3 months ago

if i had been there i swear to god I would have followed that guy out unassumingly and put him in a rear naked choke( or just smashed him) till his body went limp and then let him fall to the cement.... f'n hate the stupid TV watching brainwashed fucktards of the world.....we need to weed the garden

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BasedAndAwake 5 months ago

lead fumes and fluoridated water caused retardation in the boomers don't blame them

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wnc817 5 months ago

Spray them again. Looks closer than six feet to me. Better get the tape measure out to be sure.

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UncleSemantic 5 months ago

Where are the niggers to knock out this masker faggot with a hammer from behind?

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Whitefuture 5 months ago

Majority of niggers cannot afford a 50$ Costco member ship card, There usually waiting outside with a hammer breaking into cars or waiting to steal someone's groceries.

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