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"If that was my son, I would've beat the living shit out of him, then called an exorcist"

Published on 06 Feb 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda

thanks for the title mr bond...⁣it's definitely not a mental illness

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TheTruthAboutFaggots 16 days ago

how do i shoot someones son through the internet?

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twistedjoker 2 months ago

LMFAO this is such a joke this creep is a hyper wacko that thinks he is a chick when all he is ais a spoiled brat with ADHD .i hope some one beats the snot out of this fool and dumps him under a bridge to live like the troll he is. LOL

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Fryer 2 months ago

I’ll knock him so fucking hard, into a completely new blood group.....
he will not remember his birthday day even....
The father’s voice tone says a lot as well, almost like he feels sorry for himself, a complete spineless imbecile ........ he sounds if he also could be batting for the same team.... so poor tranny didn’t had much of a straight father figure in his life...This type of a pathetic sorry ass grownup, should not be allowed to breed .....
but this is the exact typical man child tantrums that these fckn libtards throws... fuck, how can you build a nation with the types of degenerated people.....

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WhiteMiasma 3 months ago

Would a lady get violent?

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110thtime 3 months ago

Someone really needs a boot camp.

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TheTruthAboutFaggots 13 hours ago

*Gas chaimber

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