As advertised a few months back I have created a new website for more of a Free Speech Atmosphere, I will no longer allow FE Theory at WT.Online but will at Truth In The World Dot Com, I will not allow FE here as per the last few months and doubt that I ever will, I Loathe it mainly because of all the infighting it brings and a certain tribe is laughing at us because of it, Meanwhile they are up to the usual tricks while we squabble over something with Zero Relevance, Danke

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"Israel Thanks You For Your Service"

Published on 12 Dec 2021 / In Uncategorized

Aryan Bacon IRL Activism

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Judenfrei 9 months ago

Another one of those Judeo-Christian evangelical neocon Ziozombies. Obedient, stupid slave goy.

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Titanomachy 10 months ago

What a would be funny if it weren't representative of an attitude that has allowed the Jews to enslave the world. Evangelical Zionists like this are hopeless. These brainless dickweeds love the Jews and think "whoever blesses Israel is blessed" and all this shit and think the left imposing vaccines and lockdowns are "just like the Nazis" and meanwhile the Jews are laughing their asses off at how gullible these dumb Boomers are and pumping out propaganda that demonizes this exact type of Christian white conservative as the epitome of evil. Christcucks LOVE the Jews and the Jews HATE Christcucks. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife. I bet he thinks all he has to do is trust the plan and wait for daddy Trump to be elected president again or for Jesus to come down from the clouds and fix everything.
Luckily these old farts are kind of a dying breed, I mean our position on the Jews is definitely ascendant and Jew worship is slowly but surely waining. I mean, think about how uncommon "Holocaust denial" was back in the 90s when everyone had just watched Schindler's List and basically everyone believed it was accurate. There were some revisionists on the fringes of society but the average Joe would never encounter them or their beliefs. Now it's so common that the ADL and SPLC and other Jewish organizations focused on censoring us are in an absolute frenzy trying to criminalize questioning their moral superiority or challenging their global hegemony.
The Jewish billionaires in charge know they can't win this culture war playing fair so they're stepping up the brainwashing in schools and mainstream media and they're cracking down on dissent. Censorship is a bit of a double-edged sword because the more they use it the more sick of Jewish power the masses will become and the more they will feel the need to turn to action because their words aren't being heard. This attempt at white genocide is a massive gamble and it seems like the "vaccines" are an attempt to speed up the process so as to finish us off this century, as the longer it drags out the higher the chances that the remaining whites will recognize what is happening, unite and fight back. We still outnumber them and they still rely on the labor of white men to keep the postmodern global establishment going. If every white man quit his job and stopped using Rothschild-issued fiat currency, we could win. Their enslavement over us counts on us believing they have legitimacy, and treating their ZOG laws and Jewish supremacist, anti-white institutions as such. We need to reject their system outright and create our own parallel white communities, autonomous and independent, and if the ZOGbots move in on us we stand our ground and compel the soldiers to consider whose side they are really on. The Jews win if they can keep us boiling in the pot, but if the culture war erupts into civil war, our side would stand to make massive gains. Logically when you think about it every empire is doomed to fracture at some point, no civilization is eternal. The challenge the white race has is to outlive this civilization, not go down with it or be destroyed by its rulers before it collapses. Things remaining relatively peaceful and uneventful as our race quietly slides into oblivion is the worst possible outcome. That will be the outcome we see if we cannot dissuade enough of our brothers and sisters from the three messianic poisons proffered to our people by the tribe: so-called "Progressivism", Marxism, and Christianity.
Anyone that tells you the world will someday be a perfect utopia where everyone lives in harmony is pouring sweet lies into your ear, leading you down the primrose path which at least appears to be paved with good intentions but in fact it leads to hell. Life is struggle and it probably always will be. That's ok, that's what life is, embrace it. We must struggle to forever improve ourselves and our race. Securing a place for yourself in a heavenly paradise after death is an individualistic goal, ultimately selfish and unbecoming of the white spirit. We must live for each other and a future and ideal that is greater than ourselves, not spend our days fantasizing about escaping from this life into the next.
Christianity implores us to be martyrs, fetishizing loss. I have seen so many Christians commenting about how they will gladly go to the chopping block for Christ, almost as though they WANT to lose. It reminds me of the way the Christians reacted in the early Middle Ages when the Moslem Saracens were conquering huge swaths of land which had been under Roman jurisdiction and Greek rule before that going back millenia to the first civilizations in Anatolia, Egypt and Mesopotamia which were founded by whites. Instead of rallying a huge army and rushing to defend their Eastern Mediterranean and North African territories, the Byzantine Christians believed the Moslem hordes were the punishing hand of God and that it was divine will for them to lose all those lands including the Holy Land, so they didn't truly fight back until several hundred years later when Western Europeans mounted the Crusades to try to recapture the Levant, which the Jews love to depict to the uninformed masses as though it was unprovoked aggression based on religious intolerance against the Arabs who had always populated the entire Middle East, erasing the true history of the region so normies believe it's "colonialism" for Europeans to settle anywhere outside Europe when in fact we used to have territory in North Africa and Western Asia before any black or brown people lived in those places.
Normies don't understand that geographic demographics shift over time, that the people living in, say, Iran now aren't ethnically identical to the old Persians who gave Iran its name, meaning "land of the Aryans", although there are some Persians with very little Arab admixture that still exhibit blue or green eyes and sometimes blond hair. The Yazidis in Iraq are fair-skinned with blond hair and blue or green or hazel eyes, they're sadly all that's left of the original Aryans that built the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia. One can find pictures of figurines made by these ancient peoples which have pieces of lapis lazuli set into the eyes, indicating that the people populating this region often had blue eyes. There have also been ancient figurines of the Buddha that have blue eyes, which would make sense given his high caste as a prince in what is today Nepal or northern India, a region which was conquered by the Aryans in the Bronze Age, and they set up the caste system to keep the minority of whites that ruled over the Dravidian masses racially pure, so as long as Siddharta's ancestors obeyed the caste system, he likely would have been completely or at least mostly white. If that is indeed the case, the in a way Buddhism could be thought of as more of a white religion than Christianity. It's definitely easier to make Buddhism compatible with white nationalism than it is to go through all the Christian Identity mental acrobatics to convince oneself that white people are Hebrews.
Personally I don't follow a specific organized religion at the moment, I'm kind of just trying my best to understand reality and spirituality the best I can and I've arrived at certain vague conclusions but nothing specific is set in stone in terms of my spirituality. I suspect that there is something beyond the physical, I'm a substance dualist I suppose, and I do think there is a mysterious source of the universe and foundation of existence that may as well be called God. There may be other supernatural entities as well, like maybe this universal God is like a Dao, not really a conscious personality or anthropomorphic being, maybe more of an enigma, and then perhaps there are more personal spirits or gods as well. I don't know, reality is so strange it feels like I can't rule out any possibilities. I do believe in the afterlife but I suggest that it is a natural event resulting from the process the brain goes through after clinical death. That's not to say that I think it's merely an illusion, because the way we experience the world and the way we experience a very lifelike dream are the same.
What is real? Even what we think of as solid is really mostly empty space, with every atom being made up of a few electrons flying around a tiny nucleus that, if brought up to the scale of a baseball field, the nucleus would be like a baseball in the center, with the rest of the atom being empty space, to say nothing of the spaces between atoms. Then when you start looking at quantum physics and the conclusions drawn from it you start wondering how intelligent people could manage to convince themselves that all this somehow fits into their narrow, materialist conception of reality. I used to be a philosophical materialist and determinist myself before I started looking into quantum mechanics in earnest, finding that there is more than meets the eye to reality. Common sense breaks down and inexplicable phenomena abound.
Atheism and zealous Abrahamic faiths are two extremes that are toxic to our people. I have nothing against anyone that is a Christian or atheist, I used to be one myself, but I have to admit that I see a silver lining to the drop off in church attendance in the West. Sure, many of them will adopt an atheist, materialist, individualist worldview predicated on doing what feels good or they become left wing Humanists but Christianity is the foundation of this unspoken assumption normies make about how Jews are supposedly historically downtrodden (slaves in Egypt and captives in Babylon my ass, they infiltrated, subverted and destroyed these civilizations using proxy armies) and that God has a special plan for them and they're the race that produced Jesus and all that jazz that allowed them to practice usury while Christians couldn't and allowed them to practice their own religion while whites couldn't under penalty of death. Plus, nature abhors a vacuum and humans are naturally religious, even if they have no deities to worship, so the whites that abandon Christianity and come to reject atheism as I did will end up searching for the truth.
If I had to label my religious beliefs I would say I am a Perennialist panentheist. I spent a few years learning about religions, especially Christianity, as well as philosophy and mythology and I have pieced together my current understanding of things.
Haha dunno why I went off on that long spiel. I have a lot to say about Christianity. I got some private message from another World Truth user with the usual Christian evangelizing talking points, telling me I have to worship the Jew onna stick otherwise I'll roast in hell. They are so convinced getting more people to be Christian will somehow turn things around, like if we just prayed hard enough in great enough numbers the white race would overcome this. At least Christians do sometimes have big families and they're right about a lot of things a lot of the time but the problem is their typical stated reasons for these positions are lackluster.
For instance, they'll be against LGBT degeneracy but only because the Bible says it's bad, instead of explaining the actual sociological reasons there are for wanting those lifestyle choices discouraged. I have rarely heard any Christians ever actually go into the statistics and studies and explain WHY homosexuality is a pathology. Why should any centrist or leftist that isn't particularly religious care what the Bible says about being gay or trans? Actual demonstrable proof for the negative outcomes of these lifestyles is a lot more compelling than some religious proclamation made without explanation. Same thing with gender issues: yes the man should be the head of the family and the wife should be submissive in some respects, but there are scientific, logical reasons to back up gender roles, it doesn't help to just point to what the Bible says on the matter.
Abortion is an interesting one because the Old Testament actually includes advice on how a rabbi should administer a particular concoction and have any pregnant woman accused of adultery by her husband drink it so as to determine whether the baby was the husband's or not, and if the fetus miscarried that was taken as proof that the wife had committed adultery. It isn't the Bible that makes Christians dislike abortion, in fact, again going back to the Old Testament, one passage is a hate rant about wanting to annihilate some gentile tribe and they wrote "happy is the one who dashes their infants against the rocks" and there's another part where Yahweh is gloating about how badly he punished the Israelites while in their wanderings that they were forced to "eat the fruit of the womb", as in cannibalize their own children to survive. Extrapolating off of the teachings of the Torah, the Talmud says that a fetus is only worth the limb of an adult, and if a woman is having a difficult pregnancy they prioritize her life over the child's, going so far as to cut the child into pieces if the woman cannot pass the baby through her birth canal. Lastly, the Sixth Commandment only forbids Jews to kill their fellow Jews, it doesn't apply to gentiles, hence why the Israelites get commanded by Yahweh to go around slaughtering and enslaving people for half the Old Testament. It doesn't specify because for the original Jewish audience it would have been understood that only Jews are actually human, gentiles are just beasts put on Earth to serve the Jews, killing them isn't a sin, which is spelled out clearly in the Talmud but heavily implied in both testaments of the Bible as well. With all that in mind it should be apparent that our disgust at the act of killing a fetus isn't based in Christian faith, but rather in Aryan sensibilities. Whites are naturally compassionate, there have been studies that have shown us to be several times more empathic than other races, which is reflected in our extreme overrepresentation amongst charitable donors and volunteers. The whites that are "pro-choice" generally don't think of the fetus that gets killed, it is out of sight and out of mind while the women that are in favor of abortion are front and center, loud and in your face. There are some genuine sociopaths on the left that actually relish in the slaughter of the defenceless, especially if the baby or fetus is a white male, but they are definitely outnumbered by useful idiot normies who simply don't give it any thought, they're mainly concerned with their personal reputation and want to be seen as normal and not have to explain why they hold a position which is ostensibly unpopular or "extreme" so they intuitively determine which positions are most socially acceptable and adopt them.
At the end of the day, most people aren't politically conscious. You get dipshits like this on the "right" (if you can even call neocon-supporting Boomer cuckservatives "right wing") who simply believe everything they were raised to believe without ever thinking critically.
They constantly evangelize Christianity and act like all the problems in the world are caused by the theory of evolution. Of course, there's plenty of people that are the mirror image of this guy on the left, only they're espousing a new religion, the spiritual successor to Christianity: "Wokism", the godless faith of the postmodern, globalist, consumerist anticulture. The technocratic oligarchs hold the reigns to both of these workhorses, playing mainstream left against mainstream right while deplatforming and even arresting anyone that is out here informing people about who is behind all of this and rallying the white race against the eternal nemesis of whites and even of all humanity that is organized Jewry.

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Paulsmithatkins 10 months ago

Evangelical Christian Zionists are just as bad as jew Zionists because they are 80+ million strong licking the shoe of jew, who are destroying the world. Israelis love stupid shits like that idiot.

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UncleSemantic 10 months ago

Tens of millions of klunkerheads like this are why we're in this mess. Yeah, I'm big bad commedist you stupid goy magatard fucking cunt.

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