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"Jewish Heroes" Same lying scum who manufactured the scam now giving themselves special prizes for "saving us". You can't make it up.

Published on 18 May 2022 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

Try not to vomit or punch your monitor.

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EditioN59 2 months ago

he didnt get the shot

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 3 months ago

I like the prologue!
Well said

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Iluvhitler70 5 months ago

Killing these cock roaches is necessary for our very survival.

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eric_blood 7 months ago

I just vomited in my mouth! The ✑Vaxx✑ was not created to fight the ✑Virus✑. The ✑Virus✑ was created to force you to take (((THEIR))) ✑Vaccine✑!

This "β“Š" is the Jewish Tax Stamp on all of our foods! Go look in your kitchen or pantry no matter what country you are upon. You will be shocked how many products have this symbol on them. Even the Satanic ADL admit this is a Jewish food tax labeling foods (((Kosher))) & safe for Kikes to eat.

This tax is paid by the food producers & then passed on to the consumers. You & I! The filthy Goyim! It's disheartening that truths such as this exist so openly yet it can be so difficult to break the programming of friends & family from the iron grip which world Jewry has locked around their otherwise would be consciousness.

Heil Hitler the Gr88! 18 was right, 1488 world wide in Jesus Christ Amen.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 3 months ago

Kosher - extortion- for money laundering and market speculation.
Nobody cares
If I take a day off work , I’ll get shit for 2 weeks from a dozen people about how irresponsible I am
Jews are MAGIC πŸͺ„

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LordOfTheDamp 9 months ago

Dr Albert Bourla Frankenstein has been busy messing with the genetics of humanity on behalf of the tribe. Yeah, they make up a tiny percentage of the world's population but just look at the damage they can do! We've known for years that their intention is to kill us all, and yet in the vid they're being praised for saving lives. Hmmm, I wonder which is correct? Jews don't give a shit about any of us, so why would they be trying to save lives? They only care about their own tribe.

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Chrisredfield6413 8 months ago

They only like saving the lives of the worst criminals, the lame and the stupid who will replace the intelligent, wise and the strong.

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