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"Science is back baby"

Published on 21 Jun 2022 / In Uncategorized

Video found from last year.
This reads like satire to me and I laughed my ass off.
I think the music is what really sells it. That and their dumb faces.

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Balls_B_Dragon 3 months ago

E.T. needs to phone home and shut the fuck up
Man that’s one ugly nigger faggot

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TheTruthAboutFaggots 3 months ago

This isn't science, its jewish lies!

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Remmy J Knowings
Remmy J Knowings 3 months ago

She does love science...,cause she retarded..,and indoctrinated the world would be better off without these fools! Fuck em!

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Jos Goossens
Jos Goossens 3 months ago

Calling something science isn't science, but scientism; a religion.
At least other religions tell you they're a religion; this one doesn't.

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SlowBurnTM 3 months ago

It's definitely settled then.....

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