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" that aint right .. " - dogman sightings

Published on 05 Jan 2023 / In Interesting

⁣the way this thing moves .. freaky

dogman in arizona

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Spectralwulf 5 months ago

Lycanthropy is an ancient and frightening phenomenon. From Nordic berserkers to native Americans, there have always been those who can shift their awareness to become like animals guided by some kind of ethereal animal spirit. When the lycanthrope shifts deep into the lower world and transformation is complete, the human mind may not even be able to even see them except for a rare glimpse of what they thought was an animal, or for a moment perceiving the wolf spirit manifest in their mind as they manage to notice the reality-bending shape-shifter. Shifting to the lower world releases immense energy within, but it's dangerous because the lycan's reality is under the laws of the jungle even as they shift back to human reality. Other people may be shifted and frightened by your mere presence and there are things in the world that will come after you and lash out at you if you remain stuck in the lower world and don't quickly shift your awareness back to the human wavelength of perception. Playing chess with someone can help.

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