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"⁣The walking dead 2021" - Sheep walking towards vaccination centre in Freiburg, Germany

Published on 10 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

"⁣The walking dead 2021" - Sheep walking towards vaccination centre in Freiburg, Germany

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ShortieLeeroy 3 months ago

I live in Germany.Freiburg Messe had an open day where sheep could get their jab without an appointment.Ba ba jab sheep.

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Buzzlightyear 3 months ago

is it genuine retards trying to get the poison or leftard kike horde that tries to make it apear as if "everyone" wants it or an angry folkmass trying to expose the centers?

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DecodingReality 3 months ago

I'll give you a tip. American alt righters give way too much credit to the average German. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a real problem in Germany. There are genuinely a lot of moderately intelligent people, who believe everything authority tells them.

That's why neighbouring countries don't fully trust them. You guys need to stop kissing German ass and try to be more balanced and realistic about the characteristics of the average meat golem in every country. Germany is no exception here, unfortunately.

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FuriousGeorge 3 months ago

' Super Spreaders ' ~ Fauci

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GodHelpUsAll 3 months ago

I cannot believe this many people are actually buying it. What happened to never trust the media?

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David_Greco 3 months ago

Even if you expose them to authentic information, they will refuse to believe it...

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David_Greco 2 months ago (edited)

@DARRYL DUNCAN: Many in our law enforcement agencies know or at least know some of the truth. They feel they can't even open their mouths in defense of our country because they know they've been infiltrated by the enemy. They "feel" like the enemy is everywhere and they're surrounded, so they dare not act as Patriots, but the truth is, while they have been infiltrated by the Al Qaeda terrorist supporting Israel, they are fewer in number, and it is actually the enemy who is surrounded by American Patriots, who until now, haven't realized that and what it means. Soon, they will be given this confidence, by me, and the Al Qaeda terrorist supporting Jews infiltration of this great Nation will be purged by Patriots and just Judges, into Guantanamo and a state of the art gallows.

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