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Rabbi: "Never lend the Goyim Money"

Published on 14 Jan 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

Rabbi Yaron Reuven - Cash Advance Business and Sin of Lending Money to Non Jews

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happyapple4 5 months ago

It's a bunch of shit. That is all the Jews do is rob the goyim ever since my great great grandparents and before them lived and died.

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Allophylian 6 months ago

Go fuck yourself satan

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mikaowx 11 months ago

The emphasis is on "they have to do bad things in a way others don't notice jews are behind". This is why Abraham was prohibited to sacrifice Isaac in the myth so when non jews accuse jews of blood sacrifice they rely on the prohibition. Elsewhere it becomes clear their god didn't prohibit to sacrifice others only their own. Instead of Isaac the hebrew, god ordered Abraham to sacrifice a ram which is the yom kippur sacrificial animal. Notice, in their eyes we are the animals to be sacrificed. One for the sins of israel, the other to bribe the prince of the gentiles, Sama-el (the venom or blindness of god) who in exchange from the day of the atonement ritual ceases to accuse the jews of their lies, sins, dirty deeds and starts accusing gentiles for the sins of the jews. This is the pure origin of trying to accuse others for what they do to them or think of them. For example "the germans wanted to genocide them" in reality the jews have been very keen on destroying germany and the german nation even genocide and castrate them because from the beginning of the middle ages rabbis have been writing about germans being a natural antagonist to the jews and the strongest nation that would stand in the way of their world domination. The jews actually wrote several books in the 1930's and 40's about how they are planning to dismantle the german nation and how they would castrate and genocide them. With the myth of the holocaust they are blaming their thoughtcrimes and aspirations on others.

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Zenith26 2 years ago

These 10-a-penny Talmud mouthpieces. Fat slobs who've never done a days work in their life. Absolute worthless diarrhea of the Planet.

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