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Andrea Victoria Cano
Published on 08 May 2023 / In News & Politics

⁣El Rabino Alon Anava, habla de cómo los SIONISTAS gobiernan el mundo, controlan TODOS los presidentes del mundo, la mass media, a Mark Zuckerberg.. de como TODOS son TÍTERES del mismo grupo de personas: Rothschild, Rockefeller....etc. Sin desperdicio!!!
⁣Hacia la Soberanía Económica y Financiera:

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Hatbox 24 days ago

Of all rabbis out there, he seems the most decent. He even recommends that no one get the mRNA vaccine. I've seen a few other vids by him.

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2033istheyear 25 days ago

surprised this kikes nose wasn't growing by the minute. 2 minutes and 19 seconds of pure projection

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Andrea Victoria Cano
Andrea Victoria Cano 25 days ago

They are realizing it and that is already an important step.

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exposethejeugenda 23 days ago

@Andrea Victoria Cano: it's the JWO = NWO.....all those he talked about = jews....who are the heads of the nations, the EU, the UN...largely jews.....Who founded zionism = jews....Even if we go by what this rabbi says which in essence is truth we still have the fact that judaism IS the NWO....the root of it...The so called morals and values of judaism are not values or morals at all so judaism in itself is the soil from which all the evils sprung forth.....the little jews assist the big ones unconcsiously often simply because what they are taught is degenerate talmudic anti white, pro communist, nwo etc.....even if there are a few jews in comparison to the whole of jewry doesn't change the fact that jews are the spoiler of all things pure...they are an evil seedline hence they cannot do otherwise.....until people understand that and do something about it things will never change only worsen.

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Andrea Victoria Cano
Andrea Victoria Cano 23 days ago

@exposethejeugenda: I have it very clear:

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