As advertised a few months back I have created a new website for more of a Free Speech Atmosphere, I will no longer allow FE Theory at WT.Online but will at Truth In The World Dot Com, I will not allow FE here as per the last few months and doubt that I ever will, I Loathe it mainly because of all the infighting it brings and a certain tribe is laughing at us because of it, Meanwhile they are up to the usual tricks while we squabble over something with Zero Relevance, Danke

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Published on 21 Sep 2022 / In Interesting

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UncleSemantic 6 days ago

And this dumb negress thinks it’s so hot and amazing that men would piss money away on it? A playboy model who’d suck you into cardiac arrest, maybe. akpochukwu tshibangu is lucky a man ain’t giving her a broken nose.

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TinyCow 6 days ago

i iz gone be gettin mes a $1M rang n sheeit. if he be makin $100K a year, dat'll take dat nigga 100 years n sheeeit chil'e... sheeittt.....

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too bad they cant tell the difference between a real diamond or glass,where is that subhuman worth 200k

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questeritorte 8 days ago

Pearls before swine.

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HANK_HILLTLER 8 days ago

justpearlythings is a mudshark, she's right on somethings, but she'll be a toll paid.

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NewWorldCircus 7 days ago


I have trolled her YouTube channel

Calling her a nigger lover, and a race traitor.

She never responded, obviously.

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