racist highway demolished

Published on 03 Jan 2023 / In Politics

⁣Buttigieg awards big fed grant to dismantle racist highway

⁣A long-delayed plan to dismantle Interstate 375, a 1-mile depressed freeway in Detroit that was built by demolishing Black neighborhoods 60 years ago, was a big winner of federal money, the first Biden administration grant awarded to tear down a racially divisive roadway.

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WhiteWinger 3 months ago

I'll demo it for a mere $60,000,000. What a deal!

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WAXX 3 months ago

Build a boulevard with stores that can be looted later and be able to escape using the bike lanes.

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TinyCow 3 months ago

if they want to tear down some racist, "dividing infrastructure" they can start with all the railroad tracks. its what used to divide the niggers from us. tear them up and wait a few months for all the niggers in the cities to freeze or starve

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WhiteWinger 3 months ago

Buttigieg's grifting is second to none! World class!

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ScreamingInSilence 3 months ago

They only build rubble!

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