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Racist White People or Criminal Black People

Published on 31 Aug 2022 / In Politics

⁣'Racist White People or Criminal Black People?'

Who is to blame for the real or perceived problems of black people in America & the West today?

Written and narrated by Arcadius Strauss.
Illustration by Burak.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 7 months ago

it would be jews!

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TinyCow 7 months ago

niggers in the west dont have problems. they will figure that out when theyre shipped out and nigger countries stop receiving western aid.
This fellow is under the assumption, like many, that niggers are broken and need "fixing". you cant fix what isnt broken. niggers arent broken though, their current state is the height of their ability in the best possible environment. This is them "excelling". The nature of niggers is considered 'failure' when compared to others, but compared to their own, it's the standard.

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