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Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy (1998) [Part 1] πŸ“šπŸŽ§

Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In Audiobooks

⁣⁣Rainbow Six is a techno-thriller novel, written by Tom
Clancy and released on August 3, 1998. It is the second book to
primarily focus on John Clark, one of the recurring characters in the
Ryanverse, after Without Remorse (1993); it also features his son-in-law
Domingo "Ding" Chavez. Rainbow Six follows Rainbow, a secret
international counterterrorist organization headed by Clark (whose
codename is "Rainbow Six"), and the complex apocalyptic conspiracy they
unravel after handling multiple seemingly random terrorist attacks. The
book debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list, and
has since been adapted into a series of video games.


⁣Team Rainbow - Executive and support branches

John Clark: Commander of Rainbow (codename Rainbow Six)

Alistair Stanley: Deputy commander (codename Rainbow Five)

Bill Tawney: Head of the intelligence section, former MI6 intelligence analyst

Dr. Paul Bellow: Resident psychologist specializing in criminal psychology, from the FBI

Tim Noonan: Resident tactical electronics and surveillance specialist, FBI special agent

David Beled: Technical Staff lead, from Mossad

Sam Bennett: Communications officer, U.S. Air Force major

Daniel "Bear" Malloy: Lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marines, pilot of Rainbow's MH-60K Night Hawk helicopter

Harrison: First Lieutenant, ex-helicopter pilot for 1st Special Operations Wing, Malloy's co-pilot

Jack Nance: Royal Air Force sergeant, Mallow and Harrison's helicopter crew chief

Dave Woods: British Colour Sergeant, firing range instructor

Alice Foorgate and Helen Montgomery: Executive secretaries

Katherine Moony: Secretary


Major Peter Covington: Team-1 commander, SAS member

Miguel "Mike" Chin: Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Master Chief Machinist's Mate

Mortimer "Sam" Houston: Sniper-observer

Fred 'Freddy' Franklin: Rifle 1-2, former U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit instructor at Fort Benning

Geoff Bates: Former British SAS member


Domingo "Ding" Chavez: Team-2 commander, former CIA Special Activities Division member, Clark's son-in-law

Julio "Oso" Vega: Machine gunner, former Delta Force member

Eddie Price: Senior member, former SAS sergeant major

Louis Loiselle: Former DGSE member

Dieter Weber: Rifle 2-2, former GSG 9 Feldwebel

Homer Johnston: Sniper, former Delta Force member

George Tomlinson: Former Delta Force member

Mike Pierce: Former 82nd Airborne Division member

Steve Lincoln: Former Delta Force member

Horizon Corporation and affiliates

John Brightling: Billionaire, chairman of Horizon Corporation, mastermind of the Project

Bill Henriksen: Security consultant, head of Global Security, former FBI agent and Hostage Rescue Team member

Brightling: Science Advisor to the President, former wife of John
Brightling; their divorce is a ruse used to safeguard her position,
which enables her to pass secrets to Horizon

John Killgore: Senior research scientist involved in testing the Shiva virus

Barbara Archer: Researcher involved in testing the Shiva virus

Kirk Maclean: Researcher tasked with kidnapping homeless men and single women in New York City to be used as Shiva test subjects

Mark Waterhouse: Recruiter for Brightling's "chosen few" (radical environmentalists who share the Project's ideals)

Foster Hunnicutt: Survivalist, member of Brightling's "chosen few"

Wilson Gearing: Ex-lieutenant colonel with the U.S. Army Chemical Corps, tasked with releasing Shiva at the Olympics

Other characters

Dmitriy Arkadyevich Popov (aka Iosef Serov aka Joseph Andrews): Former KGB operations officer working for Brightling

Sandra "Sandy" Clark: John Clark's wife, nurse

Patricia "Patsy" Clark-Chavez: John Clark's daughter and Domingo Chavez's wife, MD

Ernst Model: Sociopathic former Red Army Faction member who leads the botched bank robbery in Bern

Hans FΓΌrchtner: Left-wing terrorist, recruited by Popov to take over the schloss of a wealthy Austrian businessman

Petra Dortmund: Left-wing terrorist, FΓΌrchtner's longtime partner

Erwin Ostermann: Austrian financier taken hostage by FΓΌrchtner and Dortmund in his home

Andre Herr: Former Action Directe member in charge of the hostage situation at Worldpark

Sean Grady: Provisional Irish Republican Army cell commander who leads the attack on the Hereford hospital

Tom Sullivan: FBI agent based in New York investigating Bannister's disappearance

Frank Chatham: FBI agent and Sullivan's partner

Ed Foley: Director of Central Intelligence

Mary Bannister: Shiva test subject who manages to message her father, alerting the FBI

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