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Ralph Ellis's Illumination Lecture 5: The Jewish Revolt

Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In Uncategorized

⁣The biblical Jesus was the leader of the Jewish Revolt - so the parable of the vineyard owner is a parable about Jesus himself (Math 20). The vineyard owner is Jesus, while the wicked tenant who will not pay their rent is the Romans - who were living on Jesus’ lands in Judaea and Syria and not paying any rent (and demanding rent or taxes from Jesus).

The parable then says that if the tenant will not pay their rent, the landlord should kill them and get better tenants. (An odd parable for the pauper-carpenter type of Jesus to relate.) In reality, the tenant was the Romans, and this is why the Jewish Revolt started.

These videos have been extracted from THE KING JESUS TRILOGY.

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