Refugees Welcome!(5th century B.C. edition)

Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In Entertainment

⁣Refugees Welcome!(5th century B.C. edition)

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7 months ago

Thank God guns were invented. I can't imagine the horror of fighting battles like that. Wow.

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Spectralwulf 7 months ago

The Greeks wearing no body armor kind of peeves me about the 300 movies. It makes me wonder why they would exclude it - as if the directors were queers that wanted a shirtless cast. Greek body armor technology combined with their military discipline and culture of athleticism is why they were the elite warriors of the ancient world. Their light infantry skirmishers would have been scantily clad but Hoplites were heavy infantry that were well-armored. Some based movie maker should accurately create the movie "Anabasis" about Xenophon and the ten thousand. The movie industry needs to be replaced and it's wokeness must die before we'll ever see anything that cool.

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