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🔯Religions of the "Chosen": 💰United Tru$t, Luci$ Nation$

Published on 05 Jun 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

⁣⚠Please see below, for other “religions” being pushed by these criminals!⬇

Hey, everyone!

This is a little study/compilation, another look at what the real Criminals in power, believe.
There IS, INDEED a "new age" sort of "religion" being pushed, and Very bad; and it ALL stems back to..? you guessed it-- MONEY.
I have a warning at the start of this video, as it DOES entail info that some viewers May find offensive or creepy; so Please; if you feel the need, please Pray or Meditate before watching.

Take care everyone, ALL the VERY BEST; and Remember: You ARE loved.<3


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