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Remember Ruby Ridge

Published on 09 Sep 2021 / In Conspiracies

Great song with a great and strong message!
⁣During the USMS reconnoiter of the Weaver property, six U.S. Marshals encountered Harris and Weaver's 14-year-old son, Sammy, in woods near the family cabin who was trying to retrieve his dog. The snipers were hiding in the bushes and the dog was barking at them. A sniper subsequently shot the family dog striker, and then shot the son Sammy in the back and arm killing them both. In the subsequent siege of the Weaver residence, led by the FBI, Weaver's wife Vicki was killed by FBI sniper fire as she stood in the doorway unarmed. All three murders occurred in the first two days of the operation.

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Great channel....check it out

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ARYAN VIKING 19 days ago (edited)

No one can forget Ruby Ridge and we should never want to forget it because this was nothing but crime committed by our government against one of its own. Betrayal and treason it was and still is. When police come with guns to your doorstep they are acting above the laws which empowered them in the first place. No police officer is supposed to police us the way they do. The U.S. Constitution states that the Police and Congress were 2 entities that would always try to seek power for themselves but it was up to us citizens to keep firearms so as to keep the police authorities from thinking they could rule over us. The signing of The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was pure Treason. It took from our Presidents their power to control the United States of America and it placed this power in the controls of a Jew named Rothschild. Rothschild simply pays this money out to murder and imprison others by empowering the police to act beneath his employ. This is treason to our nation and treason in any country issuing the money of Rothschild. At some point there will have to be patriots who stop the issuance of this money from the banks and thereby remove these Jews from power that are murdering billions of people worldwide.

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HailVictory 19 days ago

Great song brother. Downloaded to add to the growing collection.

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