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REMIX AS THE MUSIC ON THE LAST ONE WAS REALLY BAD / Masked zombies look on as girl trolls them on the train

Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

thanks for the reminder LR , sometimes in my haste i forget to try and make it watchable :))

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Paulsmithatkins 23 days ago

She has more balls than the sissified men on that subway!

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TeeTee 1 month ago

It hurts my brain that ppl, with a world of information at their fingertips are too scared to seek truth and examine the myriad scientific papers that prove masks don't stop virus' transmission; not even those N95 masks, but in fact make one sick.

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humanlover 1 month ago

I heard she died from covid, wishing she had wore a mask, but her doctor said, it's too late. Just kidding. She is alive and well.

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Freedom 1 month ago

To follow in pater's perspective, this world its mostly all about free will and how far they can mind control people. SELF destruction is what the JWO is all about and suicide is their ultimate goal if they can't kill you themselves. Even the bible says his people die for lack of knowledge. Just think how much they hate you and want you to die. If they can get you to do their will for them, that is quite a victory for them. This girl is a keeper for sure.....I work in a job I talk to a lot of people and I do so in extremely close range1-2 foot. I shake their hand, tell them they can take their mask off, etc. I overheard my co-workers saying "I can't believe he does that. He's gonna get sick". Screw them, I do that just to show them up running around with their masks on. My immune system is strong because God is with me and he has taught me how to take care care of myself through natural medicine.

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Deemax 1 month ago

I'm surprised she wasn't mugged or raped by a knuckle dragging nigger...i guess it wasn't the projects express, stopping all stations...

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drutsohg 1 month ago

She had carrots and sushi. She would have been mugged if she had McDonald’s or something like that

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pater409 1 month ago

@drutsohg: 😆 😂 Yup, and especially if it were a box of Chicken McNuggets...

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