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Renegade Combat

Published on 11 Sep 2020 / In Sports

Get out and start training!

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 year ago

here's a decent example when you hear me repeatedly say
that just 6 months to a year of bjj and mma training
can give you already a significant useful advantage over
most people who would attack you because they have ZERO training
and only a little streetfight experience.

this is approximately what it looks like,
and notice the nigger in this has quite more muscle mass arms legs and torso than the skinny white kid.
and yet skills is why this white kid wins.

vid split in 2 parts:

as you can see the white kid is not great at it yet but he knows something,
and the nigger only knows stand and throw punches, no real boxing skills,
zero takedown defense, zero groundgame,
neither kid attempted kicks or muay thai.

if you've got zero training - you can be this white kid in 6 months,
it's better than being the zero-knowledge nigger in this vid.

i used to draw zero-trained students to me by telling them,

"a lot of people won't begin mma training because they know they
don't have the talent and athletics to be a 10 at it.

so instead they remain at 0.

between 0 and 10 there are 9 other numbers !!!

1 is > 0, 2 is twice as good as 1, 4 is 4 times as good as 1,

why not instead seek to be some number inbetween 0 and 10 ?
it will always be better than remaining at 0."

i taught for free but that was my "sales pitch", it usually worked :-).

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billyFM 2 years ago

Fantastic !!!

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2 years ago

The only problem I have with sparring is I can't go full bore, so I find myself "handicapped". I did have one friend who would full on fight with me, but that's rare.
The train how you fight/fight how you train issue arises. A while back this was found with most police who died in firefights, they were instinctively pocketing spent shells from their revolvers instead of immediately clearing the cylinder & inserting fresh ammo. Once that was finally discovered, the practice stopped in most department ranges.

Unfortunately most don't learn the hard lessons of what works/what doesn't in youth anymore, but no holds barred fights were the best training I could get.
One thing I love is when you see a punch coming, it's that much easier to use gravity then do some face/neck stepping.

That's the point after all, finish the fight as quickly as possible then move on to either the next threat or get out of there before you hear sirens.

Regardless of experience, stay armed & develop muscle memory in employing your weapon(s). Never know when the scales may be thumbed from what you can handle physically to a gang of mongrels. As little as 10 years ago merely deploying the weapon was enough to dissuade an enemy but with today's idiots they have no sense of self-preservation so a show of force is often needed to send that mental lightning bolt of "oh shit, I better run".

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卐卐卐 Schadenfreude 卐卐卐

No krav maga needed.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 1 year ago

i don't yet know a nonjew term for what krav maga is but i would like to find one because it is jewball. one krave maga instructor said 100% bullshit by saying "throw out everything you know, mma, tma, whatever... ", and then the jewcunt proceeded to do 95% of what is in mma, so he was a self-proud liar typical jew. but krav maga is simply mma PLUS all life/death combat added in, so all improvised weapons, mob attack, carried weapons of any kind, surroundings, etc. krav mag is simply life death combat with zero rules and zero aftermath thought, no thought to some afterwards court - you are intending to survive that moment, period. russian "systema" is just another created term for similar yet most "systema" i see online doesn't even go into weapons, multiple attackers, so i'm thus far unimpressed. krav maga is mma + all the rest i mention, i simply need a NONjew word for it. i thus far just say life and death combat but it's too long.

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