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Published on 22 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Chrisredfield6413 3 months ago (edited)

HIV was supposedly lab created and first delivered in San Francisco and New York via experimental hepatitis B vaccines injected into homosexuals.

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Soldier1 3 months ago

Psychology behind global vaccine:

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mics972 3 months ago

3 to 5 years incubation period, it will be glorious!!!- Then blame it all on the unvaccinated genius

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Separatefromtheniggers 3 months ago

Self perpetuating death and destruction PERFECT CRIME

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Separatefromtheniggers 3 months ago

@Love Master :

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mics972 3 months ago

@Love Master : Ahhh Ahh Ahhhh Chooo!!!
I think I got the Corona virus for sure, the experts say this more
contagious delta variant can even pass right through walls and
in some cases can pass by the Internet!

OMG! - I am so getting scared now, this really could be it,
let me use my home PCR test kit, the package says insert
swab into nasal cavity straight back about 3 inches and
push down on the swab, so that the tip of the swab is
dragged across the upper surface taking a small sample
of mucus for testing and insert the swab tip into the
testing chamber and now wait 5 minutes.

O'kay waiting now. 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes and now 5 minutes;

OMG! I am testing positive for COVID-19- Sh*t Damn it!
This can not be I was well earlier today, I don't feel sick?

The ACME COVID-19 Test kit claims even though the person testing for
COVID-19 the person might not have any symptoms, instructions say it
is vital to seek immediate and appropriate medical facility and ask my
health professional for a COVID vaccine as the person may be a carrier
and pass this COVID-19 to other people now.

Ahhh Ahh Ahhhhh Choooo! There I sneezed again, GOD help me, I hope
I will not die from this COVID-19 and so the "FEAR" is real now.

I wonder which vaccine is best for me? What is that the doctor says,
" All the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective as he points out
the W.H.O. and the United Nations both claim! "

Rest assured my doctor says now, relax now, this really won't hurt a
bit, I am going to have my nurse give you the Phizer vaccine, we have
had great results with this 2 shot vaccine as most people do not test
positive again and as a doctor, this vaccine has very little side effects.

The doctor walks out of the exam room as I wait what seems like
forever, 20 minutes later his nurse Samantha walks in with a syringe
She tells me again, reassuring me this will be over before I will even
know it as she rolls up my sleeve., but first young man I need your
little signature as showing your consent and giving us your 'fool'
knowledge that this COVID-19 vaccine has no such damage liability
and you accept all the risks should you experience and side effects.

I sign this Release Form and give it back to Samantha, she smiles and
tells me I am doing the right thing as I am saving other people's lives!
Samantha goes on how President Trump's vaccine, the father of this
great and wonderful vaccine will indeed make America great again!
I feel so proud of myself now! Basking in patriotic glory and full of

I feel the cold wet feeling as Samantha rubs my arm with a square
alcohol pad, then I feel a stabbing pain, this needle really goes deep
touching the bone and then backing off a bit, say a half inch or, I feel
a sudden warmth in my arm now as Samantha is pushing this poison
mRNA into me, it feels hot now as she quickly pulls the needle and
she now gets a band aide, and looks at me and she smiles and says?

You are all done for now, your time will come soon in the most agonizing
way! See I told this little shot is nothing as compared to Hell you'll
be going through in 3 to 5 years as your now certain death will be
over as we can finally make this COVID-19 pandemic go away in the
name of science, our Lord and Savior as you leave the medical office
here's some more paper work that'll give you additional information
you can read once you go home. Before I go, how are you feeling?-
Don't worry tomorrow you will be feeling much more worse.

As I walk away Samantha says with a big, almost goofy, smiley grin!-
See you in two more weeks for the second dose of poison mRNA
you are such a great man!

See Folks How Easy That Was, COVID-19 See You All In Hell Soon ...

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